ARM Email Swipes

BELOW ARE THREE email swipes that should be sent out over three days. Each builds on the previous one.

THE FIRST EMAIL is designed to establish some quick attention and credibility by using a previous campaign results as a proof element.

THE SECOND EMAIL exposes people to an experiment I ran back in 2007. Everyone I’ve shown this campaign to have been blown away and loved it.

This is great bonding email so that people who don’t know me, can get a glimpse into how I think differently and do things.

THE FINAL EMAIL is a quick summery email, and uses a comment from Perry Belcher to establish a bit more credibility and authority.

FEEL FREE TO CHANGE the subject lines and email copy to suit your voice, style, and how your audience are conditioned to receive email form you.

  1. Email #1 (example: Wednesday)
  2. Email #2 (example: Thursday)
  3. Email #3 (example: Friday)

Email #1

The Marketer Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Part 1)


Ever heard this before…

The benchmark metric for a decent email marketer is to expect to earn:

$1 Per Month, Per Subscriber

(I’ll refer to this metric as EPS, or earnings per subscriber.)

So an email list of 500 subscribers should earn you around $500 per month.

5,000 subscribers, $5K/mo…

… and so on.

I’ve even heard stories of really badass (guru) marketers who can squeeze out an EPS of $3 per subscriber.

That’s damn good.

Well, that’s what I have always believed, too.


>> BOOM! <<

(That’s the sound of my previous belief system being blown away into tiny little pieces. lol.)

$38.64 EPS!?

That’s not a typo.

Get this…

Email #27 DEEP into an email follow-up sequence had a link to a product (which sadly can’t be purchased anymore).

That product cost $127.

And the conversion rate … 31.42%!

That doesn’t even sound believable, right?

So now I’m thinking…

Okay, okay…

… that sales letter must have sported the world’s best copy. Something that the late great Gary Halbert would have been proud of.




Email #27 triggered a “special” kind of promo sequence…

Delivered as pure email.

Which then pointed directly to a checkout page…

And over 30% of people who clicked the link, purchased the $127 product.

That’s a $38.64 EPS (earnings per subscriber) for that list segment.

That’s crazy.

The person behind this email craziness is Andre Chaperon.

You may have heard of him.

Andre has been “Kicking the Hornet’s Nest” of the email marketing elite since 2009 with his email system.

Ryan Deiss is a customer of his email product (purchased in 2010).

So is Frank Kern (purchased in 2013).

As well as Jeff Walker (purchased in 2012).

Mike Filsaime, too (purchased in 2011).

(His customer list is a long list of red carpet A-List’ers.)

Take a look for yourself…

Oh and btw, yes, I am a customer of his too now.

NAME :-)

Email #2

The Marketer Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Part 2)


Yesterday I told you about this email marketer, Andre Chaperon…

… who has been quietly cleaning up with his small little email lists that produce monster profits.

One of the things he does on the front-end is make it HARD for people to join his email list.

Sounds counterintuitive, right?

Why make it HARD for people to join your email list?

Back in 2007 Andre ran an “Evil Experiment”…

He changed the dynamics (the frame) of how people add themselves to his email list.

Instead of making it easier, he did the complete opposite.

The result of this “evil” experiment was game changing.

He more than DOUBLED his opt-in rate…

… but not only that, his lead QUALITY went through the roof (because of what he did). So it was more responsive.

He’s republished the entire experiment here for you to you learn from (or copy for yourself).


Final email tomorrow :-)

NAME :-)

Email #3

The Marketer Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Part 3)

Did you check out the email I sent you yesterday (about the “Evil Experiment”)?

If not, you should…

It shows you how Andre Chaperon rigged up his lead gen system back in 2007, that resulted in a crazy outcome.

Opt-in rate increased by 30%…

Lead QUALITY went up (his list became more responsive out the gate)…

… all while making it more DIFFICULT for people to join his email list.

Yeah, strange, eh?

It’s not just how he get’s people on his list that’s very different to what everyone else does.

Once people are on his email list, he does things very DIFFERENTLY, too…

Here’s what Perry Belcher says about how Andre Chaperon writes emails:

” … it’s the only way to write emails I’ve ever seen in my life where your open rates of your list will actually go up, progressively, the longer you run it.”

That’s all because of the way he writes emails.

Andre explains his entire process here:

This is how email marketing should be done.

It’s very counterintuitive.

But the results speak for themselves.

You can thank me later for introducing you to Andre and his unique email system.

NAME :-)