Do I need to be a writer, or at least know how to write to make full use of what ARM teaches?

No, not at all. You just have to write as if you were speaking to a friend. You have to talk directly to your market – push their hot buttons, know their needs and wants, and what will make them spring into action.

What can I get out of 1% Club that I can not get out of the ARM Facebook group, in terms of support?

Andre, Anita, Carolina and Heidi are not actively participating in the ARM Facebook group, while they are highly visible in 1% club. You can also shoot them a personal message in 1% club in case you have any problems with your account, questions about training, etc. We also invite experts to contribute in 1% club and members can group themselves in smaller Masterminds within the tribe based on their current business challenges.

The reason why we created 1% CLUB is to help our best customers to be able to execute and get a result.

What is the difference between TLB and ARM?

TLB is for members who are new or have limited experience in affiliate marketing, and for those who have not built their email list yet. TLB teaches you the step-by-step process on how to build an evergreen affiliate business online.

On the other hand, ARM is for members who already have an existing market, product and email list. What ARM teaches you is how to grow your email list bigger that produces raving and loyal fans.

Which one should I take first: ARM or TLB? Can I take them simultaneously?

That depends on your objective and your availability because each course needs focus, time, and dedication.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, we recommend that you take TLB first. You might find it a bit overwhelming if you take both courses at the same time.

However, if you want to fast track the process of building your online business, you can take both courses at the same time.

Why is TLB a seven-month course?

TLB is 7-month program and each lesson is emailed to you every week. This is designed as such because we found that one lesson per week is the optimal amount of time to complete the exercises in each lesson.

Do I need prior experience in affiliate marketing before joining TLB / ARM?

Both courses were designed to take anyone from zero to a profitable online business step-by-step.

There will be a bit more of a learning curve for you if you’ve never done anything related to online marketing. But if you’re determined to make it work, you’ll be able to do fine.

How long will it take before I can make money with TLB?

Each person has a different way of doing things. There’s no 100% fool-proof system, including TLB. This might not be what you want to hear, but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort because no one hits a home run the first time.

Why Was I Charged VAT (Sales Tax) on my Purchase?

We know paying VAT (sale tax) sucks.

Sadly it’s European Union law to apply VAT at the point of purchase (the location of the customer). Including in may U.S. States.

We use ClicBank as our payment gateway (they’re based out of Boise, OH), and to adhere to U.S. & European laws, they are REQUIRED to collect VAT on sales of electronic services and electronic intangible products.

ClickBank currently collects and remits VAT on sales to customers in EU Member States, Norway, and Iceland (and select U.S. States).

More info here:

We know it sucks to be forced to pay tax on online purchases; but it is the law in the some US states, throughout the European Union.